Pugilist Miami



The noble art of boxing:

Our mission 

1) international exchange camps for athletes worldwide – ask for details.
2) stay and train free!! In our German headquarter-the biggest boximg gym of the  world. You cover flight costs and some pocket money, we take care about the rest (apartment, training etc)

With over 25 years of experience and a proud affiliate of the biggest boxing gym in the world (located in Germany) – Pugilist Boxing GYM – we are specialized in Olympic inspired boxing.
Boxing means way more than beating somebody up — that´s why boxers are often called the “kings of the athletes” and boxing is compared to the complex game of chess.

Award winning authors, dedicated famous books and novels to that sport: Lord Byron, Joyce Carol Oates, Ernest Hemingway, Berthold Brecht, Jack London and many others . One of the oldest sports of the world (known for more than 5000 years) – his fascination is unbroken.

Perfect full body exercise –twice a week, you´ll see great results!
No scoring system in exercise classes –  you can´t fail and find yourself sitting on the bench – you do the same workout as a world champion – at his side!

Self respect, discipline, self esteem are core values of the noble art of boxing!
“Mens sana in corpore sano” — “healthy spirit in a healthy body” — during our workout you will forget your problems and troubles – and have a clean mind after rethinking everything.

Our commitment to help kids and teenagers around the world on there way to become a healthy, respectful and social human being for the better of the global society regardless of their race, gender, or religion!